Dear Friends of Emancipatory Left Politics*,

this is our small section for English texts. CriLL.me (Critical Left Laboratory) is an invitation. Read and be read! We want to be a podium for experimental critiques of power. Our special interest is the context and complexity of different power relations and the opening up of an emancipatory perspective.


Oct. 24th, 2012
Anti-Capitalism and Political Practice – An Emancipatory Leftist Perspective (PDF)
This text consists of three parts. First, a summary on criticisms of capitalism is provided, which Crill.me considers as valid and severe. Then, popular shortcomings of anti-capitalist thinking are discussed. The main part outlines our emancipatory leftist approach to anti-capitalist practices.

* The Emancipatory Left is a political current that endorses bottom-up organisation, individual freedoms and socialist principles. It applies and develops critical social theories and supports a decentralized society and social movements.

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